The following classes are 6 weeks per class.  Each phone session is one hour long and is once a week.  The total cost for each different class is $850. 

(if you can’t afford the cost all at once, we can set up a prepayment schedule before each class)

When you are paying, please put in the pay pal ‘instructions box’ the number of the class you want to take, example Class Five.  When I get the payment notification, we can set up the first day and time for your first class.

1. Class One - Learn how the power of positive thinking can change your life for the better.  This class will help you to retrain your brain and subconscious to recognize self-sabotage.  It will teach you a new way of thinking so you can manifest what you want, not what you don’t want.

2. Class Two - Animal Communication level one – This class is a beginners class.  After you have taken this class or if you haven’t another animal communication class, we can move into level 2 of animal communication.   You will learn how animals communicate and how to listen to them and not to put your human thoughts or ideas into their communication.

3. Class Three - This class is all about boundaries and keeping your power when others want to take it from you.  It’s about seeing your purpose in this life and many of the lessons you are here to learn.  It’s about being able help people without taking on their ‘stuff’ or lessons. 

4. Class Four - This class is about your individual lessons and where you are in your life. What you have learned so far and where you think you are going.  It’s about seeing clear pictures of the guidance the Universe is bringing to you and taking advantage of the miracles that come your way. (recognizing how the Universe works with you)

5. Class Five - This class is about working with vibrations and colors to make your life better.  It will show you that everything has it’s own vibration and color and how you can use them to make yourself feel better spiritually, emotionally and physically.   It will help you to use different colors, vibrations and energy to empower yourself and manifest what you want.

Each class includes a “one on one” conversation over the phone, homework to perform during the week and guidance between classes if needed.​

Monthly Sessions 

Take the First Step. 

To learn more about how my services can help you, please call or email today.

These sessions can be about anything you want to talk about and get guidance on. These are not a class but counseling or reading sessions. These are sessions to help you see where you are on your path and what may be coming down the road.  It can help with choices you need to make regarding relationships, work, money, family or pets.

Phone Classes with Shirley

These sessions are guidance on your spiritual life and/or what is happening in your life on a spiritual level.  This could include visions, dreams, ghosts, demons, opening up to energy and other spiritual events and messages.  These sessions can help you open up to the unseen world of energy, other beings, spirit guides and angels.  

Shirley Scott

Animal Communicator and Psychic 

Spiritual Adviser