Conscious Dreaming

As you read through this book, my intent is to help you change your way of thinking about life and your life. I have left room between each day so you can write notes about what happens in your day when you start it with a positive thought and hold that thought throughout the day. Writing down events or situations will help you see how positive thinking can change you in a positive way. There are no chapters. The only character in the book is you. The only plot is positive thought.

Why She Has to Die

Telepathy and Animal Communication 

Then, on that fateful night in May, everyone in the county who had a police scanner was glued to it. The people that lived near Stephanie were calling into the Sheriff’s office in a panic. They wanted to make sure they were safe as they heard there was an armed and dangerous man hiding in the woods ready to have a shootout with the cops. There was something about a woman in a cabin and she couldn’t leave because of this mad man.

Every moment presents an opportunity and a choice. ​

Today I'm Reminded

Religion vs. Spirituality 

Do you believe in fairies? Do you believe there was once life on Mars? Do you ever wonder how we got here?

Stories of Fairies and the wisdom they hold have been around since the beginning of time. Fairies can tell you a lot if you are lucky enough to see them and get them to befriend you. This is what this story is all about.

Shirley got sprinkled with fairy dust which is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure and learning experience.

In this CD I will not only take you into the world of thought, but give you tools on how to manifest those thoughts into reality. I explore the three principles of attraction; which are positive thinking, intention and action. I will explain how we can train ourselves to become positive thinkers and be open to the opportunities that we generate from our thoughts.

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Take the First Step. 

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The most challenging fear we face is that of change. On the CD, Shirley gives you tools to help you face that fear. Find out how to face the fear of change and start living a better life.

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Going Beyond - Positive Thought

Face Your Fears - Change Your Life 

Start learning the skill of animal communication and telepathy. This is how all the animals even humans communicated daily. Learn how to tap into this form of communication and start opening your life up to the world of thoughts and animals.

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Shirley Scott

Animal Communicator and Psychic 

Book & CD’s

NEW - I have a new book out! Religion vs. Spirituality will help you understand there are some things that just can’t be proven but they are real and they happen every day. It explores our basic belief systems in a simple, down-to-Earth way that everyone can understand. I believe whether you’re religious or spiritual, your belief system should never be too complicated.

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