I use my psychic abilities to understand your pet’s language and act as a translator between you. This means I can help you find a lost pet or give your pet an opportunity to express themselves to you. If you are concerned about an ailing pet’s comfort or a pet’s discontent behavior, I can speak for your pet.

Animal psychic readings — and any psychic reading — requires a sensitive psychic. I care about you and your pet, and my accuracy is one of the highest in the business. This accuracy helps you grow closer to your pet. Let me help you find or understand your pet.

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If you have a beloved pet, you might wish that you could talk to them. With my help, you can communicate with your animal the way you’ve always wanted to. My animal psychic readings give you insight into the life, emotions, and thoughts of your animal companion. Contact me today to learn more about what I can do.

​I am a skilled and experienced psychic and animal communicator who is dedicated to helping people improve their lives. I use my special abilities to connect you to your pet on a deeper level and, in some cases, find what you need to heal, make a change, or find fulfillment in life. You can trust my abilities to be accurate and well-meaning. Let me work with you and your pet and help you communicate.

How Does Animal Communication Work?

Animals communicate in more ways than one, just like humans do. Body language, pheromones, vocalizations, and telepathy — all of these are meant to communicate intent and emotion to other animals and even to humans. Most people and even the most caring of pet owners can have difficulty understanding the ways their animals communicate with them.

Why Communicate With Your Animal?

Animal Psychic Communicator

Shirley Scott

Animal Communicator and Psychic