Animal Communicator

Shirley Scott

Animal Communicator and Psychic 

  There is nothing strange or weird about animal communication.   All animals communicate in the same way humans do, with body language, sound, pheromones and telepathy.  All these come natural to humans and to animals.   Animal communication is just tapping into these ways of communicating and translating them.  Humans has gotten so used to cell phones, social media and other ways of communicating they have all but forgotten about the other ways we communicate with each other.

  Animal communication is like speaking a foreign language.  So there are times when errors in translating the communication are made.  That is why experience is so important.   Animals change their minds as often as humans do and just because an animal communicator tells an animal something, don’t mean they will listen.  Animals have as much “free will” as humans and can decide to listen or not.

  Every species is run by its DNA, just like humans.   And just like humans every animal thinks and sees the world differently.  Not every human thinks the same and not all German Shepard’s think the same.  When you are looking for an animal communicator you should look for the following things.

  1. Look for someone with not only experience but who isn’t pushy or “guilts” you into something.
  2. Make sure the animal communicator isn’t putting their emotions, judgments or feelings into the reading.  Animals think much differently than humans and they look at life through their eyes, not human eyes.
  3. Price doesn’t mean quality.  There are too many people out there that charge you too much and give you wrong information based on their experiences or emotions and not what the animal is really communicating with them. 
  4. Finding lost animals doesn’t have to cost you an arm or leg just to hear your pet might be dead.  Don’t be taken just because you are worried or in a crisis situation.
  5. Be sure to ask “how” the communicator works – do they get messages from the animals or something else.
  6. And last but not least, if they don’t feel good to you, don’t use them.