How do you communicate with animals? How does it work?

These are the two questions people ask me the most. When we, as humans, talk about communication, we almost always take it for granted it means talking to someone or writing it down. But there are many other ways we communicate that we donít even think about. We have sign language, frowns, smiles, stares, raised eyebrows, pheromones, and far too much other body language and smells to even mention.

If you really watch animals, they too have different types of body language. Their tails let us know if theyíre happy, mad, sad or on the defensive. Their ears do the same. If you watch their eyes, youíll know what their next move will be. Watch their body for a change in muscle movement or tension. How are they standing and feel the energy they are putting out to you or other animals? Are they putting out an odor to warn others of their mood?

This is how animals communicate along with sending telepathic pictures to each other and these pictures can be interpreted by other species as well. That is the beauty of communication through telepathy. We can send and receive pictures and thoughts from different species and life forms.

Telepathy is that small quiet voice that tells us to call Uncle Joe. It can be a thought or picture in our heads that tells us somethingís wrong. Telepathy is a form of energy thatís a natural connection to our survival and communication instincts. We have all experienced it.

The simplest way to tell you how I believe it works is this; I think of someone and the energy from my brain goes out into the world and connects with the person or animal Iím thinking about. Because Iím thinking about a certain person or animal, Iím sending out energy currents that are the same as that personís energy currents. When the same currents or vibrations find each other, they connect and the message is passed from my thoughts to theirs. When that person gets the message, it usually makes them think about me. They get a feeling that Iím thinking of them or they need to call me.

Itís our thoughts, the ones we put out every second or so, that fills our minds and our world with conversation. This is unseen energy at work. Itís like electricity. We canít see electricity until we turn on a light, however itís really the light bulb we see, and not the electricity. We can feel it when we shuffle our feet on a carpet and shock someone. We feel the shock and can see the spark, but itís a spark of light caused by the unseen electricity.

So electricity is something we canít see but we can feel it or see the end result of its existence. This explanation of how electricity works is also the best way to explain how telepathy works. Telepathy and electricity are just unseen energies we can harness and use.

Remember, there is always a conversation going on Ė either with yourself or others. If this was not so, the brain would be dead and so would you.

So communication with animals involves many things besides just talking. The more we watch and listen to our pets and to humans, the better communicators weíll become.

Animals canít talk like we do, but they do have many of the same natural communication skills we do if we just watch and listen to them. You noticed I said listen. As an animal communicator, Iíve learned listening to animals is more important than talking to them. Watching and listening are the two most important things you can do when you are communicating with animals.

I hope this helps explain how telepathy and animal communication works. I do private lessons and group workshops to help people understand and communicate better with their pets.

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